UCERD (Pvt) Ltd. is an Islamabad based Education Research and Development company; that gives trainings, ideas and solutions for the science and engineering applications.
UCERD plans to help science and technology by giving solutions to the biological and non biological problems, by designing and developing state of the art digital systems and engaging renowned researchers and scientists on one platform. It also gives informatics talks, presentations and conducts workshops on different technical issues.

The mission of UCERD is to solve the technological problems of this age by studying, investigating, designing and producing innovative ideas.
The ideas and solutions are based on low-power, low-cost and high performance electronic system products for academia, industry and defense organizations. With this aim, special dedication has been given to fields such as Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Medical Applications in Science and Engineering. UCERD religiously focus on following the product development cycle bridging the gap between educational and industrial organizations.
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Centre for Education Research and Development
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UCERD: Unal Center of Education Research and Development
UCERD Pvt Ltd at Riphah Int’l University has successfully conducted a PEC Recognized Workshop on Software Defined Radio System and Architecture
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If you have passion & motivation for studies, research or development, and have an idea or instructional approach that you would present or show at the international workshop, conference or symposium, fill out below form. After few working days UCERD team will come to you with a solution for any of your studies, research or development related problem. (see example) (discussion)

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