Introduction to Programming and Computing

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To acquaint the students with the structure, operation, programming, and applications of computers. The subject provides sound platform for advanced engineering courses like Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, FPGA, Microcontroller and Microprocessor etc. The main Course Learning Outcomes of the subject are given below:

An ability to write, debug and execute programs in C++ programming language

Have knowledge related to the concept of programming and its applications

Demonstrate the skills to develop programming related projects

Implementation and hands on experience on state of art microprocessor technology (ARM RISC processor) to address real world problems

Basic Introduction

Writing Code , Flow Chart, Pseudo code

Introduction to C++ Programming, Preprocessor Directives, header Files, Tokens, Variables, Data Types, Keywords, Identifiers and Operators. Continues time and discrete time systems and their properties

Pointers and Arrays

Basic input and output of Data in C++, Cin, Cout, Manipulators, Declaration and Initialization.
Programs in C++ with manipulators

Conditional, Repetition Statements and Switch Statements if, if-else, nested if, nested if-else and nested switch statements in C++ programming

Loops and its Types, do, while, do-while loop and for loop

Introduction to Structures and Functions.

Recursive Functions

Introduction to classes

Introduction to Computers