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UCERD: Unal Center of Education Research and Development
Consultancy for :
•  Engineering Workshops, Master and Ph.D. Thesis.
•  Final Year Projects and Future Career Guidance.
•  Design and Develop Industrial Digital Systems.
Vision and Mission
UCERD goals are to help science and technology by giving solutions to the life and earth sciences and engineering for biological and non-biological problems, by designing and developing State of the Art digital systems and engaging renowned researchers and scientists on one platform. It also gives informatics talks, presentations and conducts workshops on different technical issues.
The goal of the UCERD is to apply the latest advances of high performance computing (HPC) and Big Data in Life and Earth sciences and eigineerings. The achievement of this goal aims at putting the department at the forefront of the emerging problem of . This very broad and ambitious goal can be split into several more detailed objectives as follows:

UCERD objectives are to solve the technological problems of this age by studying, investigating, designing and producing innovative ideas.
The ideas and solutions are based on low-power, low-cost and high performance electronic system products for academia, industry and defense organizations. With this aim, special dedication has been given to fields such as Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Medical Applications in Science and Engineering. UCERD religiously focus on following the product development cycle bridging the gap between educational and industrial organizations.
UCERD major areas of work are as follow:

1. Research and Publications on biological and non biological problems.
2. Research and Development of Earth and Life Sciences Applications.
3. Propose and Develop Commercial, Industrial and Defense Products.
4. Product industrialization.
5. Education and Training.
6. Consultancy and Services.
7. Sales and Purchase.
The Quran says: "Read! In the name of thy Lord  and Cherisher Who created. Created man out (mere) clot of congealed blood. Read! and thy Lord is Most Bountiful. He Who taught (the use of) the Pen. Taught  man that which he knew not." The Quran asks: "Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know? "
The Hadith (sayings of Prophet Peace be upon him) literature is also full of references to the importance of knowledge. The Messenger of God (Peace be upon him) said: 'Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.' The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: 'Seeking of knowledge is the duty of every man and woman.'
The mission of UCERD is to satisfy the technological needs of this age by studying, investigating, designing and producing innovative low-power, low-cost and high performance digital electronics commercial products for academia, industry and defense organizations.
With this mission UCERD delevers education, performs investigation and developent by managing latest tools and technologies that facilitate mankind and scientific progress.
The special dedication has been given to areas such as Computer Sciences, Digital Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. The UCERD exposure is to build multidisciplinary setup that facilitates industrial, science and academic people to improve understanding of basic needs and help them to turn ideas into reality.
UCERD is registered by SECP in 2016 as company titled Unal Color of Education Research & Development (UCERD) Private Limited.
The UCERD was established with the objective of giving education, conducting research and developing digital systems which help Engineering and Sciences problems. The UCERD focuses on Medical Health-care, Software Defined Radios, Supercomputing Systems, Artificial Intelligent Applications, Resource-Aware Computer Architecture, Real-time Embedded Systems, Interferometry Vibrator System and Clinical Systems.
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Goals and Objectives
In the past, UCERD has contributed science and technologies by giving the almost 30 different solutions till June 2017.
These solutions are published in venues including HiPEAC, IEEE, ACM and International Journals.
These solutions are for health-care, artificial intelligence, mechanical system, renewable energy, computer architecture, security and defense, communication system and high performance computing problems.
At a theoretical level, the UCERD proposes novel system architectures for the acceleration of earth and life sciences based high performance, specialized, complex and compute intensive applications.
The proposed solutions and methods  can be applied to both biological and non-biological problems.