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The “Embedded Computer Vision” targets the use of computer vision technology in different embedded systems. Now a days, a major transformation is underway. Due to the emergence of very powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient heterogeneous multi-core processors, image sensors, memories and other ICs, it has become possible to incorporate vision capabilities into a wide range of embedded systems.
The course targets design of embedded computer vision systems using OpenCV libraries and different heterogeneous single board computers.
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Agenda of the Workshop

1. Introduction to Image Processing
2. Introduction to Video Processing
3. Introduction to Computer Vision System Architecture

             Scalar Processor System Architecture
             Graphical Processor Architecture

4. Open Computer Vision (OpenCV) Library
5. Setting up OpenCV on Linux OS
6. Understand a Graphics Processor System Architecture
7. Introduction to Computer Vision and OpenCV

           Data types
           Functions, etc.

8. Advanced Computer Vision Problems and Coding them in OpenCV using Real System

           Image Filtering
           Shapes in Images


Image Segmentation and Histograms


Basic Machine Learning and Object Detection Based on Key points


Affine and Perspective Transformations
           3D Geometry and Stereo Vision


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Workshop on Embedded Computer Vision